Help to Sangha

This application is being developed by practitioners as a gift to all other practitioners, with the intention to support and strengthen our collective communication and collaboration. The aim is to keep it free of charge and continue its development as a reliable tool which we all can benefit from and contribute to – using the energy of our interconnections and capacities.

You can help also in other ways:

  • adding content (events & details of places etc.)
  • feedback & bugs report
  • introducing & sharing the app
  • translation
  • maintenance – with relevant IT skills
  • development – with relevant progamming skills
  • new ideas & improvements

If you want to help with any of these activities – please contact us for more details:

With the intention for it to be offered to the whole Community free of charge, development of the Sangha app was initiated and financed as the personal activity of Libor Malý (serving as the Blue International Gakyil till April 2019).

Sangha App is maintained by a team of professional, qualified, and responsible practitioners. Future collaborators are welcome as they become available which can eventually allow the app more independence from its original creators. The plan is to move it to the hands of ​a responsible team ​of practitioners. ​When there will be space and possibility it can be offered directly to the management of IDC or Ati Foundation.