Privacy and personal data

The Sangha app and personal data privacy.

  • To use the app - it is not strictly required for user to provide their real name, photo, personal email and phone. However, if users will include more real data for their profile and contact info – it will be easier to get in touch and communicate with other users.
  • The user’s name and location is saved in the server.
  • There is the possibility to use hardware profiles (like iCloud or Google account, IP, UUID) to run the app. - The data from these are not saved in the server in the long term (but can be given by request), they are deleted after a period of 30 days.
  • Services of third parties record users’ activity – without connection with user’s name. Used services strictly don’t allow fingerprinting, sampling and tracking of users in advertising systems.
  • It is explicitly recommended to users – to secure their own phone in log-in to the app. The app will verify if the user has secured the phone and if not, it will deliver recommendation to secure it.
  • It is recommended to allow push notifications to use the app in a correct way.


All the real personal data (name, email, photo etc.) user will provide – will be strictly used only for P2P communication among the users and admins. That data will be saved in a secure way in the server.

Requesting the data:

  • By contacting the support team – a user can request a log of activity, personal records and media saved in the app.
  • By contacting the support team – it is possible to make the user’s profile anonymous. The content (events, comments, locations etc.) the user made will not be erased but will be made anonymous.
  • By contacting the support team – it is possible to make the token of the user’s device invalid.