Support in the virus period

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We have prepared a simple platform in the Sangha app to support each other. You can share your posts connected with Covid-19 crisis here.

  • Add new info about the situation
  • Advice
  • Send good wishes to those who suffer
  • Discuss doubts
  • Connect with others so as not to feel alone
  • Etc..

Find the online event called “Support in the virus period” in the app and scroll down to the section “Together” to enter.

You can also add any online practice you organise to the application. That way every practitioner will be able to find different online practices in one space. It will be very easy to choose and connect according to one’s circumstances.

All of us – practitioners who received the Transmission from our precious Master – have a very strong connection. Any positive action connected with our presence & awareness – automatically helps all of us. In this way we can go through this difficult period and benefit other sentient beings as well.