How to view the Alendar indications for other people

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1. Open the Alendar in the Sangha App

2. Click on the your name next to the pencil icon 

3. Select the birth date of another person 


  • Click on the Year and choose the one you need
  • Click on the horizontal arrows to choose the month
  • Choose the day
  • Click Set


  • Choose just the number of the day   (the month and the year don’t need to correspond now, you will choose in the next step)
  • Click on the Month & Year field and choose those you need
  • If you need to move between the months you can use the horizontal arrows
  • Click OK

4. You can view and check the selected birth date up in the Alendar’s navigation bar

5. By closing the Alendar the birth date will reset to your original one