Stay present & aware

  • Unique tool reminding us of our Instant Presence, designed especially for practitioners of the Dzogchen Community.
  • Ganapuja reminder
  • Notifications about planed and canceled events

Vajra Family

Stay in direct touch

  • Private message other practitioners through the app, share links, attachments, etc.
  • Find contacts to practitioners of the Community who are using the Sangha app.
  • Explore local Community events when traveling.
  • Create an occasion to practice together.
  • Relax and spend time together


Stay active with all the info

  • All public and restricted events organized by Dzogchen Community and its practitioners
  • Overview of all events, filtered by region
  • Follow places and events you are interested in
  • Add events – useful for gakyils and instructors as well as individuals who want to practice together or meetup.
  • Connect for discussion under every Event & Place. There is “Together” space under every published event and gar, ling or venue. You can add your posts, comments, questions and attachments to this space.
  • Organizers of the event and also other practitioners can reply to each other in this space and everybody can see it. This communication tool makes our collaboration more direct and effective.


Stay connected

  • Collaborative workspace & Forum
  • Instant connection with practitioners worldwide
  • Special categories for helping and supporting each other
  • Ask, advise, share, inspire & discuss with the whole Vajra family
  • Categories related to the Teaching
  • Everything unified in one safe dedicated space