Notification centre

There’s a Notification centre in the app. You will discover it in the Bell icon in the top right corner next to your profile icon in the home screen. 

It helps to have a good overview of all the messages and not to lose any news. You will never miss info about the ganapuja for example, because you will always have it in your notification centre. 

You will find there all kinds of notifications: f.e. when the event you plan to go is coming soon or it was changed or canceled, when somebody messaged you, when somebody reacted to your post, when there is a new post in the section you follow etc. 

You will see there is a new notification when there is a red point on the bell icon. You just click to open and read the new notification. (If the red point would not disappear afterwards – you can refresh the app by pushing deep down the home screen.)

This function is very appreciated and used a lot in Sangha App. It is a tool designed especially for practitioners of the Dzogchen Community. It will remind not just to be present with the gong like other reminders, but if you have the circumstance – you can also do essential Ati Guruyoga practice with Rinpoche’s voice.


You can follow the event you are interested in going to in the same way. Click the “Go” button after opening the event. The event will stay automatically displayed on your home screen. You will get a notification reminder that the event is coming soon or if it would be changed or canceled;)

Sangha App has also another very practical function – it reminds you about Ganapujas. No practitioners want to miss them, right? This app will send you a notification reminding you it is a Ganapuja day and which kind with info if the moon is waning or waxing.

Remember, for receiving any notification, YOU NEED TO HAVE THEM ALLOWED in your app’s settings – in the Profile section.


Setting up instant presence reminder and notifications.

Instant presence reminder

  1. Click on the “Reminder” icon with gong in the blue field down in the right corner.
  2. Click if you want to turn on Instant presence reminder.
  3. Choose the frequency – how often you wish to be reminded.
  4. Choose the time when you don’t wish to be disturbed. (Please be aware the hours you choose there are to specify when the reminder will be OFF – not when it will work 🙂 )

According to how you set it – you will receive Reminder notifications, with gong sound (if the sound in your smartphone is turned on). Notification will contain an icon of a white A in the thigle and text which reminds you to be present and aware of your true nature – whatever you do, wherever you are.

If you want to and you have the circumstance (that nobody disturbs you etc.) – you can do Ati Guruyoga with Rinpoche’s voice. Open the notification and when you are ready – press the Play button under the white A visualization. You can try how it works in the Preview of Reminder section.