How to download and activate the Sangha app on your smartphone

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1. Get in touch with someone who already has the app and knows you received Transmission from Chögyal Namkhai Norbu. Get an Invitation code from that practitioner. The code is time limited (3days), it can be used just once.

2. From your phone – go to – click the download section and choose the App version according to your smartphone.

3. Once you’ve downloaded it – follow the step by step process to fill in your data, and verify your email etc.

4. You will then come to the section with the Invitation code – click “I have the code” and type the code there.

You will be redirected to the app. Start to discover & enjoy!

Please don’t share codes publicly, just personally between those who know each other. The process of receiving the Code from another practitioner will help to maintain Sangha App as a safe space for sharing info just between those who received the Transmission. Thank you!

If you have any question, you can write us: [email protected]