Terms and Conditions

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Before starting to use this app – Sangha admins will kindly ask you to agree to the following:

  • You will strictly invite to the app only people who you know for sure received Guruyoga Transmission from Chögyal Namkhai Norbu and His lineage.
  • You understand that information inside the app labeled as “Community only” should not be shared with anyone outside the Community.
  • All restricted content & private information you view within Sangha will be keep confidential, respecting the privacy of the Community and your vajra brothers and sisters.
  • All information that you will add to your profile or added events will be, to the the best of your knowledge, truthful and trustworthy.
  • Regarding communication and contact with other users/members – You will do your best to be respectful, acting in a responsible way with presence and awareness, trying always to be kind, compassionate, helpful, generous, and open.

Admins reserve the right to:

  • Erase the event published by a user – which is a duplicate event, contains incorrect or improper information or language.
  • Erase the content published by a user – which contains spam, which is political, which is rude or in some way does not respect the principles of presence, awareness, collaboration, and goodwill.
  • Block the account of a user – who is repeatedly acting against the above-mentioned principles.