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On the occasion of Losar, we are happy to offer you DORJE SEMPA NAMKHA CHE QUOTES in the Sangha App in collaboration with Shang Shung Publications.

This text, spontaneously recited by Garab Dorje in his early age, is a very precious source of knowledge, as our beloved Master pointed out:

Since it is extremely important that all of us of the Dzogchen Community have knowledge of the principles of this root text, we should gradually study or thoroughly reflect by means of discussion the special principles expressed in the root verses prepared for each week… If we succeed, I think it will be of great benefit for making the authentic knowledge of Ati arise in our state. Therefore, I have prepared this with the utmost pure intention.”

Chögyal Namkhai Norbu

Every week you can open a new quote corresponding to the sequence in the book by clicking on the home screen banner.

You can set the quote as part of the REMINDER to be notified as often as you wish and reflect on the quote more times during the week.

It is recommended to support reflecting on the quotes by reading the commentary of Vairochana and Chögyal Namkhai Norbu to understand the meaning precisely.