Frequently Asked Questions

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Why use this application?

  • A Dzogchen Community specific communication tool with easy access directly from your mobile phone.
  • Overview of all possibilities to practice, collaborate, or even socialize and relax together.
  • Information from all places where Community activity exists:
    • in your local area
    • in your country or region
    • in all other places you want to visit or be in touch
  • Individual practitioners can share the events they have created or support or are interested in, and contact each other.
  • An evolving list of your contacts within the Dzogchen Community illustrating your personal network of activities and interests.
  • The purpose is – to be together in these difficult times, to help each other in all areas of life, to know about each other and especially to practice together within the pure continuity of the Dzogchen Teaching.

Who can use this application?

  • It is available to everyone who received the Transmission from Chögyal Namkhai Norbu or His lineage.

What device do I need to use the app?

  • You need either an iPhone (with iOS 8 or newer) or any other smartphone with Android operating system (version 5.0 or newer).

What is the way to get this application?

Download on App Store

Compatibility: iOS 14 or newer

Download on Google Play

Compatibility: Android 7 or newer

Activation of the app – by invitation only

  • Activation of your profile/account in this app will only be possible with the personal invitation of another practitioner. After downloading the app, you will need to get the invitation code. You can get it in person from any other practitioner with the app already installed.
  • Together we make it safe. We should use our discretion to admit others into the app wisely, consciously, and compassionately.
  • By reserving the use of Sangha app to those who have received Transmission from Chögyal Namkhai Norbu or His lineage, the purpose is not to keep others out haphazardly or to foster exclusivity, judgement and ego. Rather it is meant to respect the principals and continuity of Transmission, and to create a safe environment where we can communicate with our vajra siblings freely. This measure helps establish the privacy of yourself and other members as well as the content within the app.

How is the security?

  • Security and privacy are intrinsic to the design of the app, everything is technologically encrypted using latest standards. It is the most important aspect of the app.
  • A reference will exist on your profile connected to the profile of the individual that admitted you to the application. Likewise you will be connected to those that you admit. With this accountability we are therefore collectively responsible for maintaining, and growing the trust, transparency, and health of our community network.

Where did Sangha app come from?

  • Development of the Sangha app was initiated in April 2018 as the personal activity of Libor Malý (serving as the Blue International Gakyil till April 2019) with the intention to be offered to the whole Community.
  • Sangha app was inspired by the Alendar app which very practically allows users to check all details of the Tibetan calendar from their smart-phones. Likewise we saw the need for an app that would harness the power of our personal devices to keep us directly connected and informed within our Community, enhancing and focusing our communications efforts in one place while giving us more control over their location and privacy.

Who built Sangha app?

  • Sangha app was built and developed by Adato Paradigma, a non-profit organization founded and financed by Libor Malý. Adato’s mission & intention is to support meaningful projects based on 6 Paramitas and 4 Immeasurables.
  • There is a team of professional developers working on Sangha app. If you wish you can contribute directly to Adato and support this phase of the app.
  • Adato has been transformed into Aplatform in 2022.

How much does it cost?

  • It is a gift to the Community. It is free of any charge.

Do you accept donations?

  • Of course, Donations are welcome 🙂

How will Sangha app continue?

  • It will be maintained by a team of professional, qualified, and responsible practitioners. Future collaborators are welcome as they become available which can eventually allow the app more independence from its original creators.
  • Maintenance of the app will be moved to the hands of ​a responsible team ​of practitioners. ​When there will be space and possibility it can be offered directly to the management of IDC or Ati Foundation.

How will it be connected with the official Dzogchen Community communication channels?

  • The app contains information from the official Dzogchen Community channels added by admins. Gakyils of Gars & Lings, DC Instructors and even individual practitioners can add their relevant events as well.
  • There is a wish to connect and link the app with other existing communication channels of IDC and Ati Foundation when it will be possible.
  • Representatives of Sangha App and the International Gakyil signed the MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING. Sangha App representatives commit to keeping all users’ & Community data private and secure. The International Gakyil respects the use of Sangha App in the Community, allows its promotion through the Community channels, and gives access to data about Community retreats and events to Sangha App. 

What is the credibility of published information in the application?

  • Sangha app is by design made to be a trusted and transparent space for Dzogchen Community.
  • Everything is credible in as much as each of us, are credible. If we are responsible with good intention, this will build trust with the content inside the app.
  • Sangha app is made by practitioners for practitioners therefore we share collective responsibility for it’s content.

Admins reserve the right to:

  • Erase the event published by a user – which is a duplicate event, contains incorrect or improper information or language.
  • Erase the content published by a user – which contains spam, which is political, which is rude or in some way does not respect the principles of presence, awareness, collaboration, and goodwill.
  • Block the account of a user – who is repeatedly acting against the above-mentioned principles.

How can I help?

  • By starting to use the app, informing other members about it, inviting them to use it.
  • adding content (events & details of places etc.)
  • feedback & bugs report
  • introducing & sharing the app
  • translation
  • If you have any other questions or if you want to help with some concrete task supporting the existence of the app – contact: [email protected]