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How to add an event to the Sangha app via the web


Check the Sangha app on your phone to see whether the same event has already been created in Sangha. 

  1. Type the name of the event or a related keyword into the search bar of the home screen
  2. Check for the same or similar events
  3. If there is not the same event – continue to create your event

Create an event

You can create and share any practice or event related to the International Dzogchen Community and its practitioners.

Regarding teaching retreats, we only allow space for those teachings directly connected with the Transmission of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu.

Add event

+ Add event: click to create an event

Basic information

Event title:

  • try to make this short
  • use the key words at the beginning

Description of the event:

  • mention everything you think would be necessary for participants to know, for example:
    • full title
    • focus of the event
    • name of instructor
    • daily schedule
    • payment instructions
    • details about the place
    • relevant links
    • type of restriction, etc.
  • you can write info in the local language, if the event would also be of interest for practitioners from abroad, you can add info in English below.
  • just write the note “Scroll down for English” at the top, to make it easy to find. 

Privacy of the event – select whether the event is:

  • PUBLIC – open to everyone
  • WITH TRANSMISSION – only for those who received Transmission from Chögyal Namkhai Norbu or Khyentse Yeshi Namkhai
  • SPECIAL RESTRICTION – limited to those with specific qualifications, for example such as those who received a specific empowerment, are in teacher training, or passed the SMS exam for a certain SMS level, etc.

Event is Official – tick the box if the event is organised by the Gakyil of the Gar or Ling

Event location

Event location – choose the type of venue from the options

Venue – you can choose from the list of Gars, Lings and other places by typing the first letters or keyword of the place into the search bar

Add new place – If you don’t find the place you need in the list, you can add it by typing in the address and filling in the necessary details in the tab 

Date and Time

Time zone – If it is an Online or Webcast event – the time will be automatically calculated for other time zones. Provide the details of the dates and times the event will take place.

Standart event – meaning it will happen just once

Recurrent event – meaning it will repeat more than once. If it is a recurrent event, then select how often it will repeat. If it is a retreat with sessions repeating every day at the same time, please choose the recurrent event option.

Cover image

Choose image – click the button and select the corresponding image from your computer

  • Please choose an image which is clearly connected to the event and be aware that the app will not show the upper part of the picture!
  • You can check later to see how it displays in the app;  for single events, you will be able to change it if needed. 


I am NOT going – click the button to indicate whether you are Going or not Not going to the event

Publish event

  • double check all your info to verify that it is complete and correct, and then click the button. The event will be exported to the Sangha app where all users will be able to see it. Those who follow that venue or live nearby will see it automatically. Online events will be displayed automatically to everyone.
  • If there is already an event at the same place and time, the system will ask if you want to publish it anyway. Please check carefully, and then click Publish or Cancel
  • The event series will not show up immediately. It can take some time until the event will appear in the Sangha app and in the list of your Sangha Web events.

Edit an event

If you have found a mistake or you would like to change something, you can easily edit your event.
  1. Find the event
  2. Click the Edit button next to it (pencil icon)
  3. Change any info
  4. Double check the time zone. There may be a GMT-0 zone set as default so you will need to correct the time. 
  5. Click Publish event button
  6. Check the app to see if the time of the event displays correctly. Edit the event again if it does not.

Copy an event

If you have similar events, it is easy to copy them to create new events.
  1. Find the event
  2. Click the Copy button next to it ( “+” icon)
  3. Change the dates and any other info you need to change
  4. Upload the image – it is not copied automatically from the original event
  5. Click the Publish event button

Cancel an event

If you would like to completely delete the event, you can easily do so.
  1. Find the event 
  2. Tick the box next to it on the left side
  3. Click the cancel button right above the events or the “X” icon on the right side of the event in the list.
  4. Make sure you want to delete it (as there will be no way to retrieve it)
  5. If you are sure, click Yes

The event will be deleted and will disappear from the application. Only the practitioners who clicked “Going” for this event will receive the notification that it was canceled, and they will see the info that it was canceled when they open this event. 

Preview an event

If you would like to see the details of an event, you can find
that information here.
  1. Find the event
  2. Click the Preview button next to it ( eye icon)

Filters for your events

If you would like to search through the list of all of the events you added through your account, you can filter them.
  • There are filters above to find the exact event you are looking for.

Log out

If you would like to log out, you can do that. You can also stay logged in to your Sangha Web access if it is safe on your computer or smartphone. 
  • Then type in your email address and click the button or password in the email message you will receive from webadmin.